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In what areas can gear hobbing machines be used?


A gear hobbing machine is a gear processing machine that uses hobs to process spur gears, helical gears, and herringbone cylindrical gears and worm gears based on the generation method. A gear processing machine that processes spur gears, helical gears and herringbone cylindrical gears and worm gears with hobs according to the processing method. When using special hobs, the machine tool can also process various special tooth-shaped workpieces, such as splines and sprockets. Generally, the processing accuracy of gear hobbing machines is 7 to 6 (JB179-83), and the processing accuracy of high-precision gear hobbing machines is 4 to 3. *The maximum processing diameter is 15 meters.

Gear hobbing machines are divided into vertical and horizontal types according to their layout. Most large and medium-sized gear hobbing machines are vertical, while small hobbing machines and gear hobbing machines dedicated to processing long-axis gears are horizontal. There are two types of vertical gear hobbing machines: table movement and column movement. When the vertical gear hobbing machine is running, the hob is installed on the hob spindle and is driven by the main motor to perform rotational motion. The tool holder can be moved straight along the vertical column and the viewpoint adjusted around the horizontal axis. The workpiece is installed on the workbench and rotates driven by the indexing worm gear pair, and generates motion with the movement of the hob. When hobbing helical gears, the differential mechanism causes the workpiece to perform corresponding additional rolling. The table (or column) can be moved along the bed to guide the rolling to accommodate different workpiece diameters and provide radial feed. The tool holder of some gear hobbing machines can also move along the axis of the hob to machine the worm gear with tangential feed. The large gear hobbing machine is also equipped with a single-tooth indexing mechanism, a finger milling cutter holder and a differential reversing mechanism for processing herringbone gears.

Gear hobbing machines are widely used in various machinery manufacturing industries, such as automobiles, tractors, machine tools, construction machinery, mining machinery, metallurgical machinery, petroleum, exterior decoration, aircraft and spacecraft. Gear processing machine tools can process various cylindrical gears, bevel gears and other tooth-shaped parts. There are many types of gear machining machines, including small machines for machining gears with a diameter of a few millimeters, large machine tools for machining gears with a diameter of more than ten meters, and a large number of high-efficiency machine tools for machining gears. Machining fine gears and high-precision machine tools.