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CNC gear hobbing machine: introduction to daily use and maintenance


Safety procedures:

1. When the CNC gear hobbing machine is milling gears, the height between the bottom surface of the blank and the workbench cannot be lower than the normal height of the CNC gear hobbing machine.

2. The diameter of the blank washer should be less than 3 mm the diameter of the root circle of the gear to be processed.

3. The tool holder, tool holder holder, tool holder gasket and knife hole should be wiped clean. When installing the comb cutter, insert the corresponding key.

4. When moving the angle of the CNC gear hobbing machine tool holder, please pay attention to the sliding of the tool holder.

5. According to the requirements of the gear to be processed, check the adjustment position before cutting the knife.

6. When milling helical gears, the workpiece must be firmly clamped to prevent rolling during milling. Do not knock the tool holder or disassemble the lead screw. If the tool holder is improved, the tool must be retracted.

7. When starting the CNC gear hobbing machine quickly, the milling cutter is not allowed to collide with the workpiece, and the distance when exiting should not be too long to prevent the tool holder from colliding with the workbench.

8. The module and diameter of the gear to be processed must not exceed the technical specifications of the machine tool.

9. When replacing wheels on the CNC gear hobbing machine, the power supply should be cut off.

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