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Application of CNC gear hobbing machine in wind power industry


When it comes to CNC gear hobbing machines, we will actually notice that, looking at it itself, it is actually a piece of equipment with a relatively high technical content and a relatively complex structure. CNC gear hobbing machine With the rapid development of the automobile industry and wind power industry, the demand for gears continues to increase. The requirements for gear processing efficiency, quality and processing cost are getting higher and higher. Its status will also become increasingly high. The more important it is.

CNC gear hobbing machines are mainly divided into two categories: cylindrical gear hobbing machines and bevel gear hobbing machines. As for the cylindrical gear hobbing machine, we will actually find that it is mainly used to process different types of cylindrical gears, racks and worm gears. The more commonly used ones are actually gear hobbing machines, gear shaping machines, gear milling machines, gear shaving machines, etc.

Furthermore, in the current industrial development, we will actually notice that as for the concept of green environmental protection, it is actually a topic being promoted by the whole society. No matter which industry it is, in the pursuit of efficiency At the same time, it actually means putting it in the front. From this aspect, the development of our CNC gear hobbing machine is no exception.

Judging from the current form, for well-known CNC hobbing machine manufacturers, in fact, they will directly regard hobbing machines with green characteristics as an important direction of product development. The main feature of their products is that they will be fully CNC. As well as its high speed and high efficiency, in addition, it will actually focus on green purification and protection.